Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jessica Simpson Buys Parents New Rides

Jessica Simpson with parents Joe Simpson and Tina Simpson

Wow!  I'd like to be related to Jessica Simpson!  Word is that she bought her Mom and Pop new cars.

Jessica Simpson bought her parents brand new cars!
And not just any cars… Nope! Nothing's too good for the mom and pops who brought Jessica into this world!
According to In Touch, Jess shelled out $600,000 for a Porsche 911 for her mother Tina and a Maybach for Poppa Joe!
According to sources, Jess "is so busy that she sometimes forgets to buy presents."
Um, well, she's clearly made up for it! We hope she "forgets" to buy us presents too!
We bet your mom and dad's favorite daughter right now!

Well, it's nice to be generous to the people who brought you into the world!  Good job Jess!

Photo by PR Photos

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