Tuesday, June 21, 2011

John Travolta Says Scientology Helps Keep His Marriage Strong

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta talked about the the state of his marriage with Extra and revealed that Scientology is the key to a happy marriage.

“Communication is number one, but our church does a lot to help us keep together. When we have issues, we go settle it up. Almost every six months we go and do a retrofit of what we are thinking, what we need and want and we match it up with what the other needs and wants… If you don’t do that you kind of get stale a little bit. Certainly our children have kept us tied together.” I wish I was making these quotes up. My take is that John truly loves Kelly (I believe it), BUT he also loves dong. And it’s a deep love, and if it weren’t for Scientology, the love of dong might win out. That’s my “translation”.
John also discussed baby Ben: “Oh my gosh he’s amazing. He is so bright, cute, healthy and wonderful. He has a smile for everybody, he brightens everybody’s day. He’s quite a baby. He’s starting to crawl, he’s just wonderful.” 


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