Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whitney Houston Says Her 30-Day Rehab Stint Not Enough!

Whitney Houston
Poor Whitney Houston is back in rehab.  At least she can admit when she needs more help.  The Diva said her 30-day out-patient program just wasn't enough!

Whitney Houston is voluntarily seeking additional treatment for drug and alcohol addiction ... TMZ has learned -- after completing a 30-day out-patient rehab program earlier this week.
Sources close to Whitney wouldn't elaborate on what the additional treatment entails -- but we're told the singer has hired a round-the-clock life coach to help keep her on track.
We're told Whitney personally decided to seek out treatment over a month ago as part of a longstanding recovery process -- entering the out-patient program completely on her own accord.
As one source put it, "She really wants it this time." So far, no word from Whitney's rep.

Whitney proves that addiction is no joke!  If we've learned anything from these celebs addictions, it's


Good luck this go round Whitney!

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