Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did You Hear? Prince (The Singer) Is In Foreclosure

Prince, announcing his ?Welcome 2 America? Tour at the Apollo Theater on October 14, 2010

What's the world coming to?!  Didn't he make a gazillion dollars in the 80s?  The Artist Formerly Known As Prince or TAFKAP, oh, that was the last name he called himself!  Raise your hand if you know his new name, because I don't?!  Anyways,  according to, the Carver County Sheriff's office reported that the multi platinum Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is behind $368,382 (isn't that like two or three payments for someone like him?!) on his mortgage.  TAFKAP has a manse on 20-acres in Chanhassen-a Minneapolis suburb he's lived in since 1980.  A sheriff's auction is set for May 13th (isn't this a time when you wonder where all of your friends are?)

The local paper, Chaska Herald, reports that he bought the property for $605,000 in 1994, but leveled it an rebuilt.

Maybe that's why he announced a new tour last year (see picture above).  Have tickets gone on sale yet?!  They had better soon!

To read more, click here.

It's Official: Meet The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge

The Queen has bestowed up William and Kate the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  According to the Huffington Post, there are also more titles for the couple.  The Queen also bestowed upon William a Scottish title of Earl of Strethearn and a Northern Ireland title of Baron Carrickfergus, so Kate also becomes the Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus (whew!).  So, if I understand this correctly, when he's in England he is called Duke, in Scotland called Earl and when in Northern Ireland, Baron?  Okay, I think I got it!

P.S. According to The Telegraph, dukedom is the highest rank in the British peerage.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Meredith Vieira Leaving the "Today Show"

Meredith Vieira

It's sad, but true!  Meredith will remain on the show until June ( 3 months before her contract ends).  TMZ reports that Ann Curry will replace Meredith and Natalie Morales will replace newsreader Ann.  It is reported that Meredith hated the early morning hours and her husband is ill.  She still hosts the syndicated "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", so she'll still be bringing in the dough.

Good luck Meredith!  We'll miss you!

BREAKING NEWS: January Jones Confirms Pregnancy!

January Jones

Well, from the looks of this picture taken the other day, it's pretty obvious that she's pregnant!  January's rep confirmed her pregnancy to PEOPLE.  Her rep said,

“January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall,” her rep told the magazine.

January is single and has not revealed the "baby daddy" name yet.  Hmmm.....  Who could it be?  According to ICYDK, her rep added,  “She’s really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom.”

Congrats January and "baby daddy" (whoever you are)!

Trailer Time: NEW 'Bridesmaids' Red Band Trailer

I cannot wait to see this movie!  It looks hilarious!  Check out the new trailer above.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

See Gaga Perform Her New Single 'Judas' On "Ellen"

Gaga performed her new single on The Ellen Degeneres Show and talked to Ellen about her exhaustive Monster Ball tour.  According the Music Mix, Gaga told Ellen that she has performed 210 shows already (she actually looks tired in the video!).

Okay, why the facial prosthetics in the picture above (see her forehead)?  I think she may be practicing for the real thing!  We'll see!

See her performance below.  Not one of my favorite Gaga songs....  Maybe it will grow on me!

See William & Kate's Wedding Program, Along With Some New Pictures

Get your first look at William and Kate's wedding program!  The new photo above was shot by Mario Testino.  Mario also shot their official engagement photo back in December.

The wedding program is 28 pages long.  According to TooFab, the program will sell in London for a little over $3 U.S.  The final wedding rehearsal was last night, now everyone is waiting for the big day!

See the Royal Wedding Program Here

Kate Hudson, Pregnant In Heels!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson showed some legs and also showed off, what looked like a wedding ring (I'm just sayin'...she is engaged you know!), on her way to a taping for David Letterman.  Kate's out and about promoting her new movie 'Something Borrowed'.

Kate is engaged to Matthew Bellamy.  She looks great!

P.S.  Curiously, when Kate emerged from Letterman's studio, in a gorgeous black dress, she was not wearing the ring!  Could she have forgotten she was wearing it in the first place?  I'm sure we'll eventually find out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Emma Roberts, Freida Pinto, Paula Patton Attend Exclusive Louis Vuitton Event

Luois Vuitton hosted an exclusive event for, what seemed to be, the younger generation of celebs.  Emma Roberts, Ashley Greene, Emma Stone, Freida Pinto and Paula Patton were all spotted leaving the exclusive event in Beverly Hill, sporting haute couture.  They were gracious enough to stop and take pictures and sign autographs for fans!

Katy Perry Sues Australian Mag NW

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Katy Perry is suing Australian magazine NW, just in time for her tour Down Under.  Splashnewsonline reports that Katy is seeking damages and aggravated damages.  Reports from Aussieland say she could win a six-figure payout (yeah, easy money for celebs and worth it for the mags as they get more notoriety from something like this!).  NW ran a story last month claiming that Katy had an intimate affair with her record producer Benny Bianco, after she was married to Russell Brand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets A Gig With Coach Handbag

Gwyneth Paltrow

First Angie with Louis Vuitton, now Gwynnie has snagged Coach (not to be outdone of course).  Gwyneth Paltrow is the new face of Coach.  According to E! online, she will star in the brand's 70th anniversary campaign, which runs from Fall, 2011 to Spring, 2012.  Gwynnie said,

"I grew up in New York City and I've always thought of Coach as the quintessential New York brand," the star said in a statement. "I will never forget getting my first Coach bag."

Coach President, Read Krakoff said that Gwyneth is a "natural choice for this campaign...She embodies the spirit, energy and elegance of the Coach brand."

Only problem (for us in the U.S. at least) is that her ads will only appear in European and Asian markets.  Bummer!

Gwynnie was on Chelsea Lately! last night.  Check out her appearance!

Is Jennifer Aniston Making A Permanent Move To NYC?

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston had hinted that she wanted to move back east, now it appears she has started the ball rolling with the purchase of a $5.9 million 1,200 sq. ft. NYC penthouse.  Jennifer's LA home is on the market, so it seems as though she wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to move back to NYC.

Her new penthouse is one bedroom with sweeping views of New York harbour and the Empire State Building.  Guess Jen's in an "Empire State of Mind" now!

Welcome Home Jen!  I'm sure she'll get a small in LA to come back to!

Engagement News For Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

Jay Cutler, 27 QB for the Chicago Bears, proposed to Kristin Cavallari, 24 (former Laguna Beach star) over the weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  According to People magazine, the QB surprised her with a quick trip to Cabo (must be nice to take a quick trip to a foreign country!) to ask her to marry him, a source said.  

The two have been dating since last fall.  Kristin told People earlier this year, "I'm in love and it's been great."

Congrats to the lovely couple!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mariah Carey's Husband, Nick Cannon, Gives Out Their Phone Number, Really!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

I'm sure Mariah changed the number by now, but if you're interested, listen to the audio below for her number.  Let's just say, if I were Mariah, I'd be pissed too!  So, according to 92.3 radio in NYC, Mariah's husband, Nick Cannon, gave out their phone number so everyone can keep in touch with him while he's on maternity leave, with Mariah!  To prove it was the number, he actually called it on air and poor Mariah answered the phone!

Angelina Jolie Gets A Reported $10 Million Louis Vuitton Contract

Angelina Jolie

Nice!  Angie scores big with the house of Louis Vuitton!  The new face of Vuitton will be shot by the famous Annie Leibovitz, according to E! News, and debut this summer in stained glass form.  DListed reported that spokes people for both Angie and Louis Vuitton have been tight-lipped about the deal, but a source claims that LV will put around $10 million in her sunshine fund.

Good for her!  I can't wait to see the new campaign!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Listen: Beyonce "Run The World (Girls)"

Listen to the leaked version of Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)".  Listen above and tell me what you think!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibran Wed In Malibu

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian
LeAnn Rimes, 28 and Eddie Cibrian, 37 have wed in a private ceremony in Malibu, CA.  US Magazine reported that the ceremony took place on Friday evening at a private estate.

This is the second marriage for both LeAnn and Eddie.  The two met on the set of the Lifetime movie, Northern Lights.  They were both married at the time and both carried on extramarital affairs.  Let's hope they get it right the second time around.  Either way, congrats to both LeAnn and Eddie.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced: 120 Days In Jail!

Lindsay Lohan

Ouch!  But she'll get out sooner do to some over-crowding rule/good behavior.  Well, at least the nightmare is over for her!  X17online reported that Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced her to 120 days in jail for violating her probation.  LiLo's attorney, Shawn Chapman, said she would appeal the sentence.  She also has to complete 480 hours of community service, 360 of those hours must be performed at the Downtown Women's Center and 120 served at the LA County morgue (ewww!)

Well, let's hope she learns a lesson!  Check out some video below, from yesterday, of LiLo being hauled off to jail!  Lindsay is in an unmarked police car, being escorted by two other unmarked cars.  She's being transported to Lynwood Correctional Facility, east of downtown LA.  She was ducking down in the backseat of the cruiser (why?), covered by a white sheet.

Lindsay did post the $75,000 bail, after spending about 5 hours there, and was released.  She has to be back in court May 11th for a pretrial hearing.

Beyonce Shows Some Love While Shooting A Video In Paris

Looking as lovely as ever, Beyonce showed her fans some love, yesterday, while shooting a video atop a balcony at The Ritz Carlton, Paris!  Love the blouse!  That style is definitely in this Spring/Summer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Went To Court Today Amidst Tons Of Media

Lindsay Lohan tried to get out of court today because it was Good Friday, but the judge said no-go.  Check out the footage of the spectacle of her arriving at court today with her lawyer.

Bethenny Frankel Says That She Used Reality TV To Make $120 Million

Bethenny Frankel
Good for her!  At least she's being honest!  Bethenny Frankel told US Magazine that initially, "I was worried [joining the cast of Real Housewives of New York] would ruin what I had going," says Frankel, who at the time was a Pepperidge Farm spokesperson and appeared on NBC's Today show for a cooking segment. "I went on the show single-handedly and exclusively for business… When I went on the show, no one was going on for business, no one had done anything." 

That was in 2007, now that platform has allowed her to launch a $120 million empire.  During her three seasons with the Real Housewives, Bethenny maximized her screen time to promote her Skinnygirl cocktail line and the rest is history.  She said before her success on reality TV, liquor companies didn't want to hear her pitch for a low-calorie margarita, now every company wants to buy Skinnygirl!  FYI-Bethenny did sell her Skinnygirl brand of low-calorie cocktails to Fortune Brands for an undisclosed amount.  Bethenny now has her own reality show, Bethenny Ever After.

I'm sure this is only the beginning for the mogul!  Congrats Bethenny!

Bride-To-Be Kate Middleton Spotted Shopping In London

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton was spotted in London, on Wednesday, doing what seemingly brides-to-be do.... Shopping!  Seems as though Kate wanted to do some last minute shopping to make she has extra outfits for the honeymoon.  She looks quite thin, but dressed impeccably.  The bag she's carrying is from Whistles, which, according to their website, is a cutting-edge womenswear fashion brand.  

Can't wait to see the wedding dress next week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beyonce Encounters Crazed Fans in Paris!

Bey needed extra protection today, in Paris, from her fans!  After her return from Disneyland Paris, fans, waiting outside her hotel, where trying to get her attention very aggressively.  Body guards needed to add an extra layer of protection for her as she entered her hotel.

Check out the pics!  She looks pretty frazzled (but with a smile!)

Jeff Bridges records solo album

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges has signed a record contract with Blue Note Records to record a solo album.  According to Zap2it, the actor, who won an Academy Award for playing a washed-up country singer in "Crazy Heart", is taking his musical skills to the next level.

Jeff is rocking the cover of Esquire's May Music Issue.  He says,

"We're here for such a short period of time," Bridges says. "Live like you're already dead, man.  Have a  good time. Do your best. Let it all come ripping right through you."

Jeff's album is due to be released in August.  Congrats Jeff!  I just love it when these actors and actresses can sing, but you never knew it!


Jennifer Lopez Launches The Blackberry Playbook & Her New Album "Love"

Jennifer Lopez
Awww...  I love the title of J.Lo's new album Love.  It must be so nice to have a career where you can be artistic and express yourself!  J.Lo launched her new album and the Blackberry Playbook on April 19th at the Best Buy in LA.  Looking fierce and fashionable, she always knows how to make an entrance!  Congrats on your new album Jennifer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Royal Wedding Spoof By T-Mobile

Just wanted to make sure you guys saw this cool viral video!  T-Mobile put together this Royal Wedding Spoof and it has gone viral (seen by millions!).  Check it out if you haven't seen it!  Some of the people have really uncanny resemblances to the real royals....spooky......

Glee's Heather Morris "Shakes Her Thang" For Esquire

I must admit, I do this in the mirror, in the privacy of my home, but I never thought that I could get paid for it!   Duh?!  Well, if you're Heather Morris, of Glee, you do get paid for "shaking your thang".  Check out the video above, produced for Esquire (you know, the men's mag.).  Heather dances to some of the songs on Esquire's list of 50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To!

Update On The Sheen/Mueller Custody Battle!

Watch Brooke Mueller leave the LA courthouse yesterday, after the judge ruled that the custody agreement b/t Charlie Sheen and herself will remain status quo.  Brooke's mother Molra and stepfather Jon Flore accompanied Brooke to court.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brooke Mueller Off To Rehab Again

Brooke Mueller
Poor Brooke, first she tries to get friends to do pee tests in her name, next, she starts pawning things and now,.....she's back in rehab.....duh?  So, according to Zap2it, Brooke has refused a court mandated drug test (a requirement of her custody agreement with Sheen over their 2-year-old twins).  Allegedly,  Brooke had spent the previous week on a drug binge before checking into a rehab facility.

Her kids are currently in the care of her mother, but Charlie is reportedly going to seek full custody of the boys.....  We'll see how that goes!

Check out the footage of Brooke trying to pawn some jewelry here.

The sad thing is that she got a multi-million dollar settlement when she divorced Sheen, not to mention the $55,000/month she gets for child support.   Where is all the money going?!

Real Housewives Star Jill Zarin Clears Up Rumors Of Plastic Surgery

Okay all you Real Housewives fans, Jill Zarin, of the NYC edition, sets the record straight regarding rumors of plastic surgery, on The Wendy Williams Show.

Hear her explanation above.  With all the things she gets done, it may be cheaper just to get the surgery (over the long run!).

British Girl Group "The Saturdays" Divide And Conquer LA's Shopping Scene

Frankie Sandford

Mollie King

Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White

Just in case you're not familiar with the British all-girl singing group, "The Saturdays", I have included their video below.  The foursome shopped separately in LA (trying to avoid the paps), but all were wearing different versions of floral (the Spring/Summer trend).  They seem to be on their way to being style icons already!

Do you think they'll be bigger than the Spice Girls?  Guess we'll just have to wait and see!  Check out their video below!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lady Gaga's Harper's Bazaar Cover Shoot

Harper’s Bazaar Forces Lady Gaga to Explain Her Facial Prosthetics

Gaga is everywhere!  Harper's Bazaar snagged her for their May, 201 issue and forced her to explain her....facial prosthetics.  New York Mag posted a few lines from her interview with Harper's Bazaar.  Gaga says,

"It's artistic expression," Gaga says. "It's a performance-art piece. I have never, ever encouraged my fans or anyone to harm themselves, nor do I romanticize masochism. Body modification is part of the overarching analysis of 'Born This Way.' In the video, we use Rico, who is tattooed head to toe [including a skull on his face]. He was born that way. Although he wasn't born with tattoos, it was his ultimate destiny to become the man he is today."

She continues to say,

"I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification."

All I can say is that fame and money makes people do crazy things!