Friday, April 15, 2011

Has Charlie Sheen's Estranged Wife, Brooke Mueller, Relapsed?

Brooke Mueller

Now, this is crazy, desperate and sad.  Brooke Mueller, estranged wife of Charlie Sheen, has been rumored to have called various friends in the LA area, begging them to to give a urine sample to an LA drug testing facility in her name.  According to Perez Hilton, friends of Brooke are very concerned about her sobriety.

As part of  custody agreement for their twin sons, both Brooke and Charlie are legally required to take random drug tests three times per month.

According to an "insider",

"Brooke admitted to relapsing. She hasn't been returning calls, which usually means she's using. She's absolutely freaked out that this potential dirty test could result in her losing custody of their 2-year-old twins (Bob and Max) to Charlie. Brooke knew that if she used drugs again, Charlie could get full custody of them."

All I can say is that none of them may have custody of these children if they keep up this bad behavior!

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