Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did You Hear? Prince (The Singer) Is In Foreclosure

Prince, announcing his ?Welcome 2 America? Tour at the Apollo Theater on October 14, 2010

What's the world coming to?!  Didn't he make a gazillion dollars in the 80s?  The Artist Formerly Known As Prince or TAFKAP, oh, that was the last name he called himself!  Raise your hand if you know his new name, because I don't?!  Anyways,  according to, the Carver County Sheriff's office reported that the multi platinum Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is behind $368,382 (isn't that like two or three payments for someone like him?!) on his mortgage.  TAFKAP has a manse on 20-acres in Chanhassen-a Minneapolis suburb he's lived in since 1980.  A sheriff's auction is set for May 13th (isn't this a time when you wonder where all of your friends are?)

The local paper, Chaska Herald, reports that he bought the property for $605,000 in 1994, but leveled it an rebuilt.

Maybe that's why he announced a new tour last year (see picture above).  Have tickets gone on sale yet?!  They had better soon!

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