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Hi, my name is Jocelyn, but everyone calls me Joss.  I live in scenic Rhode Island (not Long Island!).  I have (2) dogs :) and  I love anything and everything that has to do with celebrities, fashion, beauty, music, movies and life!  I started this blog to be able to share celebrity news and gossip with my readers.  I have a sales/marketing background (yeah, I have a full-time job too;)), so The Fame Fairy allows me to be creative in what interests me the most and that is celebrities and fashion.  Yes-I am a self-proclaimed Fashionista!  Aren't we all!

The Fame Fairy hopes to be one ( I know you have many!) of your go-to sources for all things celebrity.  We want to give you an outlet to share your opinions with the world, along with expressing your creative side too!!  I hope you enjoy the site!

Thanks and welcome to The Fame Fairy!


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