Monday, May 2, 2011

Lorenzo Lamas Marries Wife #5

Lorenzo Lamas and Shawna Craig

Whenever I think about Lorenzo Lamas, 53 (and trust me, it's like never), I always think Falcon Crest (weird, I know!).  Anyway, Lorenzo married 23 year-old Shawna Craig (ewww, she's even two years younger than his own daughter!) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I guess I shouldn't be so judgemental, but the 30 year age difference is killing me!  His daughter, Shayne Lamas was in attendance and said she was happy for the couple stating,

"The are both really excited and seem very much in love, so they of course have my blessing."

I think it a little odd that Shayne used the word "seem" in love.  Either way, congrats to the couple!

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