Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jaden Smith-The Multi-Million Dollar Boy

Jaden Smith

Is it legal to pay a 10 year-old boy millions of dollars?!  Guess it is when you're Will Smith's son!  So, light is being shed on just how much Jaden Smith made for his remake of the "Karate Kid".  TMZ obtained a copy of his 2009 contract for the movie.  According to the records, he was paid an up-front fee (split into two installments) of $900,000 and then $100,000.

The back-end deal was even more lucrative at $2 million-since the film grossed $150 million at the domestic box office.  Surprisingly, those numbers are probably just icing on the cake, based on the huge success of the film and additional perks, he's probably made a lot more!

All I can say is,  more power to 'em (and God Bless!)!

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