Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brooke Mueller Off To Rehab Again

Brooke Mueller
Poor Brooke, first she tries to get friends to do pee tests in her name, next, she starts pawning things and now,.....she's back in rehab.....duh?  So, according to Zap2it, Brooke has refused a court mandated drug test (a requirement of her custody agreement with Sheen over their 2-year-old twins).  Allegedly,  Brooke had spent the previous week on a drug binge before checking into a rehab facility.

Her kids are currently in the care of her mother, but Charlie is reportedly going to seek full custody of the boys.....  We'll see how that goes!

Check out the footage of Brooke trying to pawn some jewelry here.

The sad thing is that she got a multi-million dollar settlement when she divorced Sheen, not to mention the $55,000/month she gets for child support.   Where is all the money going?!

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