Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Good To Be 50 Cent......

50 Cent

Yeah, I'd be smiling too if I were Fiddy, or maybe not...  50 Cent made $8.7 million in one day!  How, you ask?  Well, according to news reports, Fiddy talked up a penny-stock company (via Twitter) called H&H Imports to his 3.8 million Twitter followers (purportedly, the Rapper got involved in TV Goods, which is owned by H&H Imports, in October, 2010, where he received 30 million shares).  Low and behold, the stock jumped from .29 cents to .39 cents, netting Fiddy, you guessed it, $8.7 million?!

Unfortunately today, according to the Toronto Sun, this has come to the attention of the SEC and he could find himself under investigation for manipulating the stock value.  Oh well....., at least he's getting into the headphone game.  Fiddy introduced  his new line of audio headphones at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, in LV.  He teamed up with Sleek Audio for the $350/pair headphones.  He joins other Rapppers in the headphone game like Ludacris and Dr. Dre.

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