Wednesday, January 19, 2011

J. Lo's New Single, "On The Floor" Sounds Suspiciously Familiar...

Critics are saying that J. Lo's new song, "On The Floor", sounds suspiciously familiar to young hispanic superstar, Kat DeLuna's "Party O'Clock", lyrically and musically.  According to the NY Daily, Kat DeLuna's record was released in November, in Europe.  Both songs were produced by Grammy nominated, RedOne.  It is not known whether J. Lo knows about the similarity.  J. Lo's single was leaked to the web on Friday.

Kat DeLuna seems to be flattered by it, saying,

"It's cool that artists like J.Lo are inspired by my musical sound and style.  Jennifer helped pave the way for Latinas like myself. I love her."
You be the judge!  Listen below!

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