Thursday, March 3, 2011

John Galliano Fired From Christian Dior And Set To Stand Trial in Paris

John Galliano
 John Galliano, former creative director for Christian Dior, was fired from Christian Dior, earlier this week, for making anti-semitic remarks.  To make matters even worst, The NY Daily News has reported that the designer now has to stand trial for those remarks.  French authorities are charging him with making racists insults in public to three diffrent people.  That carries a fine of $34,240 and six months in jail.  Good for them!  After their history with Hitler, France is not playing around with anti-semitism.

Check out one of the pieces of evidence, in question, below.  Hopefully he gets some help.  Word is, he has entered rehab and has apologized for his remarks.  We truly hope he is sorry!

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