Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wendy Williams Getting Sued By Concert Promoter?

Wendy Williams

My, have we turned into a Diva?  Wendy Williams is getting sued by a concert promoter who alleges that the TV host/"Dancing with the Stars" contestant was paid a whopping $25,000 to appear at The Pool resort, in Atlantic City, but her conduct during the event "was best described as ... ungrateful."  According to ICYDK, a lawsuit alleges,

Williams was supposed to make a 2-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort.  The suit claims Williams hardly mingled with guests and left after only an hour, after complaining how she and her husband wanted to leave.
 Williams was supposed to take the mic on stage, but instead retreated to a cabana.
The suit claims Williams “disappointed her fans who came out expecting her to host the party.”
And the suit alleges … Williams — who is on “Dancing with the Stars” and hosts her own show –  demanded 4 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne and 2 bottles of white wine at her cabana.  The suit claims Williams and her husband said they wanted to be left alone while they drank.

Well, that'll teach her that the next time someone pays you, you'd better do your job or else!  Hey Wendy, $25,000 is alot of money!

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