Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Wants A Plea Deal

Lindsay Lohan, arriving at court, in LA, February 9, 2011 for her arraignment.

LiLo wants a plea deal that has nothing to do with jail time, but the prosecutor (Danette Meyers), on her case, wants her to do time.  PerezHilton reports that a source has said that Meyers seems to be adamant that Lindsay serve time.  If convicted, Linday would be put on felony probation, which means that she could serve up to one year in jail.

An insider was quoted as saying,

"Lindsay will do anything to not go back to jail. She can't deal with jail again. If push comes to shove, Lindsay will go to trial on this case if a deal can't be reached."

See the infamous necklace, that's causing all of this drama, here.

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