Thursday, February 17, 2011

See Christina Applegate's New Baby On The Cover Of People Magazine

Christina Applegate is featured on this week's People magazine cover with two-week old daughter, Sadie Grace (what a cutie-pie!).  Christina talks about her new role: Mom and how her daughter has brought hope, love and healing.

Starpulse reports that Christina, self-conscious about her top-half after undergoing reconstructive breast surgery (Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and had a double mastectomy), kept her hospital gown fastened tightly as she headed into her 18th hour of labor on the 27th of January, saying,

'I don't let anyone see my top half.  That whole area has remained very private."

Surprisingly, that all changed when the baby was born.  Her gown fell off during her last push and the nurses placed the baby on Christina's exposed chest.  After that, she told People,

"It was such a liberating and beautiful moment"

To read more about Christina's story, click here or get this week's People magazine.

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