Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Completes Rehab At Home

Charlie Sheen

I posted, on February 28th, that Charlie Sheen had reportedly gone to Promises rehabilitation center, in Malibu, CA.  Now, he has left that facility and is completing rehab at home. reported that an addiction specialist and other professionals will be treating Charlie, at home, in the comfort of his multi-million dollar mansion.

Charlie was rushed to the hospital, last Thursday, after an all-night binge that reportedly included large amounts of alcohol and cocaine.  After a few hours, he check out of the hospital and headed to rehab, until Tuesday, when he left the rehab facility, to get care at home.

His hit show, "Two and a Half Men", is currently on hiatus, but a source tells TMZ that Charlie could be back to work as soon as next month.

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