Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rihanna and Ryan Phillipe: Dating or Hooking Up?

Ryan Phillipe and Rihanna

Sources say that R&B bad girl, Rihanna, has been seeing Ryan Phillipe for months.  Us Weekly reports conflicting stories from sources, but ultimately, the signs are there, they are hooking up.  He went to her 23rd birthday (Rihanna's B-day was last Sunday, Feb. 20th) party in Beverly Hills; they were seen together, on Feb. 19th, at a charity event; and at a brunch for Gucci/Roc Nation on Feb, 12th.
Well, to me, that says it all!  Can't be coincidence!

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  1. Rihanna and Ryan Phillipe may be liked each other or they are just hooking up this totally depends upon them and they are celebrities and many news are associated with them.