Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband, Prince Frederic, Sells Her Furs

Zsa Zsa (Fame Pictures) in one of her famous furs (on left) and her husband, Prince Frederic (on right) [PR Photos].

Times seem to be tough in Zsa Zsa's household.  Her husband (Prince Frederic) has resorted to selling her fur coats, to pay for her medical bills.  The NY Post reports that he will sell the fur coats, auction-style, on his website  All-in-all, Zsa Zsa has 14 fur coats that will go on the auction-block.  The prince has said that the coats are now in storage, at a cost of $1200/month.  He says,

"The storage doesn't make sense because my wife is not going to wear them again."

The 94 year old ailing actress has been in and out of the hospital, after breaking her hip (after a fall) last summer.  Last month she had her right leg amputated, after gangrene set in.  Prince Frederic hope to raise $100,000 with the auction of the coats.  They also put their Bel Air mansion up for sale last month.

Good luck to both of them!

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